Do you have recalled products in your home?


Do you have recalled products in your home such as a Venmar HRV?  There’s no doubt you noticed the occasional news report’s about a this product being recalled for safety reasons. Other examples of recalls would be, a car model with a brake problem, or a children’s toy that, under some circumstances, may cause injury.

recall productYou may not know that these news reports are merely the tip of the iceberg. For each product recall you hear about in the media, there are dozens that get little, if any, publicity. That means there may be products in your home that have been recalled — and you don’t even know about it.

It’s a scary thought.

How do you find out about recalled products that may affect you?

Here are two tips.

1. Always complete the registration that comes with many products. This is typically done by mailing in a registration card or filling out an online form. When you register, you’ll be alerted by the manufacturer if the product is recalled for any reason.

2. Both Canada and the United States have agencies that list recalled products on their websites. In Canada it’s the Healthy Canadians website at www.healthycanadians.gc.ca. In the United States it’s the Consumer Product Safety Commission at www.CPSP.gov. It’s a good habit to check these sites every season. If you discover that a product in your home has been recalled, contact the manufacturer immediately.

Never assume that the reason for the recall won’t apply to you.

Average St. John’s Houses Prices for September 2015

Average St. John’s House Prices for September 2015

While the start of the year was slow for the St. John’s real estate market (as was the weather) things came back to normal as we ended the 2nd quarter and grinded through the 3rd Quarter. With all the municipal property assessments happening, there appears to be a lot of shocked home owners and potential appeals in the near future.  If you wish to appeal your property assessment figure in St. John’s here is the link. Lots of info on the City of St. John’s website. Curious to know what’s the difference between appraisal value and assessment value? We can help.

Total Listings are down just 1% year to date and the number of sales til September are basically flat being up just 1%.  Even the expired listings are coming back to “normal” levels coming in at about 11% year to date.


St. John's average house price

Total # of MLS Listings = 1162
Total # of Sales [Sept] = 455

Number of Active Listings for Sale in Newfoundland = 5788
Numbers are based on both residential and commercial listings/sales

Here is a break down by area for September:

St. John’s: Listings = 233 Sales = 98
Sales/Listings Ratio = 42%
St. John’s average house price: $334,529 for the month of September and the 12 month average $321,392

Mount Pearl: Listings = 32 Sales = 13
Sales/Listings Ratio = 41%
Mount Pearl Average house Price (12 month average): $297,370

Paradise: Listings = 55 Sales = 21
Sales/Listings Ratio = 38%
Paradise Average house Price (12 month average): $358,266

East Extern: Listings = 65 Sales = 18
Sales/Listings Ratio = 28%
East Extern Average house Price (12 month average): $388,032

Conception Bay South: Listings = 69 Sales = 24
Sales/Listings Ratio = 35%
CBS Average House Price (12 month average): $302,883

How does your home compare to the St. John’s average house price? For a free Market Assessment on your property please contact us.  We would be more then happy to assist you and show you how to get top dollar in this changing St. John’s Market.

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